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IGL TF28vs8 Information
Champion: None

No schedules up for season 0

Roster/ID Status
Rosters are unlocked.
Rosters will lock in:
1 day, 3 hours, 29 minutes
Server Reservation
Map List
Date Wk Map
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Rules Have Been Updated

      Let me introduce myself first of all. I am Popsmear and have been playing TF2 since its beta release. 45 has brought me on to help get this league running smoother and to help make it a better experience for everyone playing.

We have had some clans leave lately and that is never good. I ask that before you consider leaving, please contact me. Let me know any issues you have with this league and we can work together to correct them. I am here to make this the best experience for everyone. With that said if you just have any suggestions on how to make IGL better, feel free to throw them my way.

The rules for the IGL TF2 8v8 league have been updated to be more in line with other popular leagues. Some of the major changes concern models, scripts and pre-round engagement. Please read over the rules and make sure you understand them for Sundays match.

If you have any issues or complaints with the new rules or suggestions on how to further improve them, please contact me through IRC.

IGL needs your help

      With CAL starting the first part of March a 6v6 and 8v8 TF2 Division we seem to have lost some teams. All I here about is CEVO and CAL lately for the reason for leaving. STA hasn't even been talked about in a month. It would be a shame for one of the oldest leagues around (IGL) to have to suspend matches because people think CEVO and CAL are the only leagues that matter, which i'm being told by some of the team members. Remember, that leagues like this one and few others started competitive league play over 10 years ago and if it wasn't for us it may have never developed into what it is today.

I'm asking the remaining teams for your help, to go out and recruit at least 2 teams each so that we don't have to suspend matches because of lack of teams. Your help would be greatly appreciate by us at IGL.

Help keep one of the oldest leagues in gaming, alive.

Week 7

      The schedule is set for week 7 and the map will be cp_labor. You can download it in the file section. The server cfg is in the cfg file, so download this also.

GL and HF

Week 6

      The schedule is set for week 6 and the map will be ctf_impact2. You can download it in the file section. The server cfg is in the cfg file, so download this also.

GL and HF

Super Bowl Sunday

      NO matches on February 3 due to the Super Bowl. Matches will resume February 10, 2008 on map cp_castle3.

Any teams wishing to join IGL must do so by February 5, 2008 or be placed on the waiting list until the new season starts. Teams have to play a minimum of 6 matches to be eligible to make playoffs.